1. Who is Sofi Development Association (SoDA) ?

Sofi Development Association (SoDA) is an indigenous, non-governmental organization (non political, non profit making) registered by the Harari Regional State Bureau of Justice and Security Affairs under Licence No.507.

It is an Association committed to the reduction of overall poverty and eradication of extreme poverty and bring about lasting improvement in the undesirable conditions and lives of poor people by addressing the root causes of poverty.

2.Sofi Development Association’s (SoDA’s) Core Values, Vision, Mission and Goals.

2.1 Core Values:

  • Humanity – People Centred

Sofi Development Association, born of a desire to bring assistance/support without discrimination to the poor and the marginalized endeavours to prevent and alleviate human suffering, protect life, to ensure respect for the human being, to bring lasting improvement in the lives of the poor people.

  • Impartiality – Fairness and Equity

It makes no discrimination as to nationality, race, religious beliefs, age, sex, class or political opinions, Ensures that all people have equal opportunity for expressing and utilising their potential.

  • Integrity – Transparency and Accountability

It upholds honesty, transparency and accountability in its relationship with all stakeholders.

  • Quality – Professionalism

It practices professionalism, work for cost effectiveness and efficiency and invest in the development of human resources.

  • Impact and Sustainability

It works with sense of realism in terms of what is needed, achievable and desirable. It ensures that its actions as a whole are compatible with the basic principles of long term development.

  • Independence and Good Governance

While respecting the values, traditions and laws of the country, it is free of all pressure which may give a political, racial, ethical orientation to its projects of which may try to make it act against the fundamental principles of good governance (nepotism, corruption, favouritism etc.) It ensures the prevalence of good governance in all its set ups.

2.2 Vision

Sofi Development Association (SoDA) aspires to see the poor and marginalized segment of the population become vibrant members of the communities in which they have the opportunity to work together in order to eradicate extreme poverty and live in a situation where their holistic development needs are met and become productive members of the community/society.

2.3 Mission

Sofi Development Association (SoDA), born of a desire to reduce overall poverty and eradicate absolute poverty shall strive to prevent

and alleviate the sufferings of the poor and marginalized through the provision of basic social services and bring about sustainable development.

2.4 Overall Goal

In an effort to respond to the felt needs of the community, specially the poor and marginalized, Sofi Development Association strives to foster conditions in which the community be vibrant and have the opportunity to act together in order to influence the sustainable development of their living conditions at community and family level.

3.Organizational Structure ( Governance)

Sofi Development Association has a three- tier structure.

  • The General Assembly - composed of all member is the supreme organ of the Association shall give final decisions on all matters concerning the Association.

  • The Board of Directors - composed of members elected by the Genera Assembly from among members of the Association ahs all the necessary power for the implementation of the goals / purpose of the Association. The Board of Directors is accountable to the General Assembly.

  • The Secretariat –which is accountable to the Board of Directors shall have an Executive Director and other staff members as are necessary. The Secretariat is the executive arm of the Association.


Head Office :Sofi Development Association
P.O.Box 1696
Tel. +251 (0)911 68 32 96
H A R A R, Ethiopia.

Liaison Office : Sofi Development Association

Tel. +251 (0)115 50 56 03
+251 (0)116 55 91 67
ADDIS ABABA ,Ethiopia.

Bank Account:
Bank Account No. 1454
United Bank S.C
Beklo Bet Branch
Addis Ababa.

For international money transfer, please quote:

(A/C No. 36245456 of United Bank S.C
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Swift Code UNTDETAA with